Gym Battle

Combat simulation system in the gym in 100 seconds.Using the Dueling ability to compare.When selected defender pokemon, system will automatically choose the best defense.



Choose Attacker :


Pokemon Level (Pokemon Level calculator)

IV Attack (IV cal)

IV Defense (IV cal)

IV HP (IV cal)

Quick move
Charge move
Choose Defender :


Pokemon Level (Pokemon Level calculator)

IV Attack

IV Defense


Quick move
Charge move

About these values

Originally got our data from Professor_Kukui is Species Data table (here), but because he did not updated it for pokemon generation 2 . I copied his spreadsheet and now I update it ourselves. He used the terms "Dueling Ability" , "Gym Offense" and "Gym Defense". You can find the details on his table.

Damage =Floor(0.5*Power*(Attack/Defense)* STAB * Weakness)+1 (TheSilphRoad)

Weather Types will be more effective in battle (by around 20%)